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literally if you make fun of triggers i want you to step on dog poop every day for the rest of your life

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this website is comedy gold.

That site is pure lulz concentrate.

It also hints as to the average age of the visitor and possibly the interest in the history behind the issues that they like to complain about.

I mean not one trigger listed on The Birth of a Nation (at least at the time of visit)?

The movie represented by a poster of a fucking Klansman?

From the kind of people that spend a huge chunk of their free time stating how racist things are?


loving how there’s no Nazism or antisemitism listed for the sound of music

If everyone already knows about it, it’s too mainstream!

They need to bring up problems that might not even exist, those are COOLER!

TS3 has a “talking toys” trigger but TS1 doesn’t…

How do these people even go outside



this is a user-updated website, meaning if the users don’t watch birth of a nation, nobody’s going to put triggers up for it. if the person who watches toy story 1 doesn’t think talking toys is a trigger, they aren’t going to put that.

if someone who thinks this site is a joke goes to the toy story 1 page and puts “weird kid shaming” as a joke trigger, then people like you are going to go to this site and see that and be like “hahaha look at these oversensitive weenies”

like come one. stop making fun of people. grow the fuck up.

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ughhhhhhhhhh my throat is sore :(

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your colors would be like steel and some greys and dark neutral stuff. I feel like your outfit would be piratey?? with a patch. and a sword with a SKULL THAT HAS RED EYES 8D


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Sansa (and soon to be separated) family

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Pirate Rap
Shawn Conrad (1,579)


Show - One Piece

Song - Pirate Rap (One Piece Rap, Gum-gum Rap, it has many names)

Artist - Shawn Conrad

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if i was a magical girl, what would my color, outfit, and weapon be?

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dogs have subjective value and matthew is perfectly within his rights not to like them


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Dogs are just the best tho. Seriously, brah.


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let my hair down

let my hair down